The Best Age For Newborn Photography- Everything You Need To Know

March 18, 2022

Deciding the best age for newborn photos and planning a proper photoshoot is challenging when you are a new parent trying to adjust to a new routine. But before your child gets older and you miss out on capturing cherishable memories, you should start searching for the best newborn photoshoot near me. If you are confused about planning appropriately, here are some tips to help you out!

The Best Age For Newborn Photography Everything You Need To Know

Wait for a week before you start taking a newborn’s photos, that’s the best time!

Newborns in the first two weeks are quite sensitive. However, after about five to seven days, they can be wrapped in different swaddles and posed. They usually sleep for 17 hours a day, which offers a big window to take enough photographs. It’s highly recommended to photograph newborns for up to 14 days.

If you are searching for newborn photography near me, seek the ones offering creative photoshoots for swaddled babies in varied backgrounds and themes. Experienced photographers often photograph at your place, to save you some hassle, but the most common photoshoot would be still in the studio.

Take photos of all the monthly birthdays!

Monthly birthdays in your little one’s first year are the special events to capture. Within two to three months, kids start moving and can respond to adults. The best newborn photography London services now offer monthly birthday photoshoots in varied themes to track your child’s development. You can check as well season photoshoots like Christmas or Easter.

You can book a single package to avoid repeated orders and even avail the benefits of pre-booked locations and other arrangements.

Collect memories as your child grows

The Best Age For Newborn Photography Everything You Need To Know

Are you wondering about the best age for newborn photos? Starting from two months (eight weeks) till they are a year old, babies hit various milestones that a photographer can capture, like when they:

  • Start showing facial expressions
  • Sit straight
  • Lift up and crawl
  • Stand up and walk.
  • Get a tooth or two
  • Gain healthy weight
  • Begin growing hair

These are some milestones when you can begin searching for newborn photography near me to capture the perfect candids. If you have twins or triplets, it even gets exciting when the siblings start interacting with one another and for mutual connections naturally.

You can also consider maternity photoshoots!

The Best Age For Newborn Photography Everything You Need To Know

All new parents have different ideas about newborn photoshoot sessions while searching for a baby photoshoot near me. Though many begin within two weeks after the birth, you can also try out maternity shoots with A&M Mazur Photography to include that baby bump too!

You can opt for a family portrait before the baby’s birth, just after a few days after the birth, and probably on the first birthday to create a great college. Schedule your time according to the baby’s sleep and feeding routine and arrange for the shoots when your baby is bright and active!

Final Words

There’s no particular best age for newborn photos as babies tend to grow rapidly in the first two years. Several modern newborn photography London agencies thus offer extensive newborn pricing packages to capture all memories, right from your maternity period to your child’s toddler years. You can decide the precious moments you want to capture beforehand and chart out a detailed schedule to engage the best baby photographers without any delay.