Wrapping during Newborn Photoshoot

February 7, 2023

Newborns often prefer to be wrapped because it mimics the tight and secure feeling they had inside the womb. Being wrapped can help them feel safe and secure, and can also help them to feel warm and comforted. Additionally, being wrapped can also help to soothe a fussy baby and make them feel more calm.

Wraps are a popular technique used during newborn photoshoots to create a sense of warmth and security for the baby. They are also used to keep the baby calm and still during the photoshoot. Wraps can come in various forms such as blankets, fabrics, or swaddles, and can be used to create a variety of poses.

Wraps are typically used to swaddle the baby or to drape over the baby and create a cocoon-like shape. This can create a cozy and intimate image and can also showcase the baby’s small size. The baby’s arms and legs are often tucked in close to the body, which can help to keep them calm and still.

Wraps can also be used to create a more artistic or creative look in the photograph. Wraps can be made of different materials such as knits, muslin, and tulle, and can be used to create a variety of colors, patterns, and textures in the photograph.

Wrapping also helps to pose the baby in a variety of positions, which can help to create a more dynamic and interesting photo.
Additionally, wrapping can also help to conceal any areas of the baby’s body that the parents may not want to be photographed. Some parents want pictures of their child fully clothed. In these situations we try to use outfits we have or wrap the baby.
For photos with the family, I almost always wrap newborns in wraps. Firstly, I can match the colour of the fabric to the mum’s dress in a Mom&Me shoot. For these shoots we have sets of fabric for the newborn and beautiful long dresses in several pastel colours. Take a look at the family photos and photos of mums with babies in our gallery on ammazur.com Secondly a wrapped baby has no possibility of movement, naked babies move a lot, stretch their legs, spread their toes. It is very difficult to keep the baby in one pose, a wrap is the best solution.

It’s important to note that safety should always be the top priority when using wraps during a newborn photoshoot, so it’s essential to work with a professional photographer who has experience working with newborns and wrapping techniques. The photographer should make sure that the baby is comfortable and secure at all times, and adjust the wrap as needed to make sure the baby is safe and secure. The photographer should also be aware of the signs of distress in a baby and should stop the shoot immediately if the baby appears uncomfortable or upset. Most of the time newborns are wrapped up in the fabric asleep, when they wake up it is usually time for a poo or a feeding break. For me as photographer is important to use breathable and stretchy, soft fabric, and to not wrap the baby too tightly. It’s also important to consider the baby’s temperature and not to overheat them during the photoshoot.