5 The Best Maternity Shops in London

June 13, 2023

Ever wondered where to find the best maternity shops in London? Embarking on the path of motherhood is an exhilarating adventure, and it’s essential to maintain both comfort and elegance as your body embraces these remarkable transformations. In this article, we will delve into some of the premier destinations in London that accommodate the distinctive fashion and comfort preferences of every expectant mother. You can go and fit dresses on the place or order outfits online. Also you can check dresses in A&M Mazur Photography Maternity portfolio, they are have a range of the dresses from shops like Seraphine, Mamalicious and handmade.

A&M Mazur Photography | 5 The Best Maternity Shops in London

Importance of Maternity Shopping

Why the fuss about maternity shopping, you ask? Just imagine trying to fit into your usual outfits as your baby bump grows. Sounds uncomfortable, doesn’t it? It’s crucial to find attire that provides comfort without sacrificing style.

  1. Seraphine Maternity Shop


Seraphine Maternity is a globally renowned brand with an outlet in Kensington, London. Known for their fashionable yet comfortable maternity clothing, Seraphine is a favorite among celebrities and royals alike.

What Makes Seraphine Maternity Special

What sets Seraphine apart? It’s their commitment to blending comfort, style, and practicality. They offer a range of chic maternity dresses, jeans, and nursing wear, perfect for making a statement while feeling at ease.

  1. Mothercare Maternity Shop


Mothercare, a one-stop-shop located in Edmonton, offers a wide selection of maternity essentials and baby products. They’ve been serving expecting mothers for over fifty years.

What Makes Mothercare Stand Out

Mothercare’s range of maternity clothes offers everything from casual wear to formal attire. But what really makes them stand out is their extensive range of baby care products and accessories.

  1. JoJo Maman Bebe Maternity Shop


JoJo Maman Bebe in Northcote Road, Battersea, is known for its French-inspired collections. They offer maternity wear, baby clothing, and nursery products.

What Makes JoJo Maman Bebe Unique

JoJo Maman Bebe’s uniqueness lies in their fusion of Parisian chic with British style, creating a unique range of maternity wear that looks and feels great.

  1. Blossom Mother and Child Maternity Shop


Located in the heart of London, Blossom Mother and Child is a high-end maternity boutique, offering a range of designer maternity clothes.

What Makes Blossom Mother and Child Different

Blossom Mother and Child is known for carrying luxury designer labels, offering expectant moms a chance to experience high-end fashion during their pregnancy.

  1. Mamalicious Maternity Shop


Mamalicious in Westfield London Shopping Centre offers a range of fashionable maternity clothes that focus on style, comfort, and functionality.

What Makes Mamalicious Remarkable

Mamalicious stands out for its commitment to sustainable fashion. Their eco-friendly approach to maternity wear is not only stylish but also kind to Mother Earth.


Finding maternity clothes that are comfortable and stylish doesn’t have to be a challenge. Whether you’re searching for everyday essentials or a special occasion outfit, these top 5 maternity shops in London offer an array of options that cater to every need and style. A&M Mazur Photography is using outfits from these shops but also handmade. Check portfolio to have idea how maternity photos look like.


Are these maternity shops available online?

Yes, all these shops have online platforms where you can browse and shop their collections.
Do these shops offer international shipping?

Most of these shops offer international shipping. However, it’s best to check their websites for specific shipping policies.
Do these stores offer plus-size maternity clothing?

Most of these stores carry a range of sizes to cater to different body shapes.
Can I find nursing wear at these shops?

Yes, these shops offer a selection of nursing wear that’s both stylish and functional.
Do these shops sell baby products?

Some of these shops, like Mothercare and JoJo Maman Bebe, also sell a variety of baby products.