Most popular maternity photoshoot poses

November 15, 2022

If you’re looking for some beautiful and meaningful pregnancy photoshoot poses, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve gathered maternity pictures and ideas for different photoshoots. You’ll find pregnancy poses suitable for the mom, the couple, and the whole family. you’re a photographer? Are you a future mom? This information will be useful for you. We shared the knowledge acquired during the maternity sessions. Thanks to this, you will know how to improve your work and you, a woman expecting a child, will learn what you can expect during a photo session.


We always start our sessions with photos of just the mum. Very often for a woman, this is the first photo session of her life. Stress, confusion, and uncertainty often surface. We always start the session with the most natural poses. Place the woman facing the camera. Let her grasp her tummy with her hands, one hand on top and the other under her tummy. I often let her leave her wedding ring or engagement ring on her finger. I ask the woman to put her hand with the jewellery on the top of the belly.

45 degrees

Place the woman at an angle of 45 degrees from the camera, so you can capture the cute silhouette of her breasts. This position perfectly shows the size and shape of the belly. This position works especially well if her belly isn’t big enough. Ask your model to hug her belly. The hand that is closer to the photographer should be on the top of the belly.
This pose may have several versions. Check them on maternity gallery.The first is when a woman looks at her tummy with thought, love, and joy. The second option you can do is the same but the woman has her eyes closed. The pose also looks great when the woman glances at the camera with a slight smile. My favourite is when she looks into the centre of the lamp. She looks down at the centre of the lamp, thoughtful, proud and joyful. Her face is perfectly lit. The face, bust, and bust are illuminated.

One hand under the belly

The hand that is closer to the photographer should be under the tummy. The other hand should be positioned close to the head. Offer the woman to play so that she improves her voice. Ask her to do it slowly so you can get a good sharp photo. The second option is the hand touching the chin lightly. A dignified, majestic pose. A lightly framed mouth and a pensive face will give a great effect.

Sideways to the camera

Position your model with its side facing the camera. The hands hug the tummy. The first pose is the woman looking forward at the map. Don’t forget to bend the leg closer to the photographer. Another option is when the woman looks at her tummy. Let him do it with his eyes open and closed. Another pose is when a woman looks at the ground. Eyes on the floor in front of her and over her shoulder.


For brave women, I recommend the front pose with covering the bust. This position is good when the woman is half-naked. She should only wear panties. He covers his breasts with his crossed arms and looks at the camera. Show such kinds of photos to the future mother and let him decide if it is for her. Check more poses and ideas on

There are many more items in maternity sessions. The most important thing is that a woman should feel at ease. It is worth trying different ones, check out the others that A&M Mazur Photography uses during maternity sessions.