What can replace cake during a Cake Smash session?

August 14, 2022

The first birthday photo shoot is called Cake Smash. During this time, the child gets all the cake and I have to try as much as he wants. A&M Mazur Photography does this type of photo shoot not only for one-year-old children. We can take these types of photos for your child every year.

What if the parents do not want the child to eat the cake? We have a few ideas to replace a birthday cake so that the session is still fun.


Donuts are a great alternative to the cake. Sweet, topped with coloured chocolate and sprinkles. We make a high tower from them. The child can treat at will. We assure you that there will be donuts in both hands and the child will try one after other.. You can make a bundle tower from just one donut flavour or different flavours. I recommend the latter option, the child can try different tastes.


Muffins, like donuts, are a great alternative to birthday cakes. Still wet, sticky little fingers and soiling on her face and clothes. This is what we want. Thanks to the special muffins stand, we can arrange them into a tower. Thanks to this, the child will have easy access to each muffin. We can only serve one flavour or a different one and give the child a choice between them. To make the tower look even more effective, add paper butterflies to it, and decorate it with flowers or leaves.

A bowl of cream

This is the easiest way to get a child to taste the sweets and get them dirty from head to toe. We ask the parents what flavour the child will like. It could simply be whipped cream or fruit cream. Give the child a large wooden spoon and let them eat as much wants and as want.


Fruit is a healthy substitute for a birthday cake. Ask parents what fruits are their child’s favourites. Prepare a stand with different fruits so that the child can try different ones. The photos show great watermelon, strawberries, and grapes. I recommend hiding lemon wedges between them. When you see a piece of lemon in the child’s hand, be ready for a good, funny shoot. This could be one of the better photos. Avoid fruits that dye your clothes heavily, such as berries, and raspberries. Check out how A&M Mazur Photography uses fruits such as citrus and red fruits in the photoshoots.

Main course

An increasingly used idea during a smash cake session is the use of dan. The most popular is pasta served without sauce or the one traditionally served with tomato sauce. Dress the child up as a little chef and give us a large pot or bowl full of cooked pasta. In the background, we hang Italian flags to remind where this dish comes from. Add other ingredients in the background like fresh tomatoes, onions, tomatoes cans, and dry pasta. Before you decide to do so, ask parents about their child’s preferences.

You have to be flexible when creating Cake Smash sessions. This child dictates the conditions, and it is here most sublime. We must be sure that he will be satisfied with what we put in front of him. Check out interesting propositions of birthday sessions from A&M Mazur Photography.