What is a Bump to Baby session?

July 24, 2022

Everything about Bump to Baby Session

Commemorate your pregnancy and celebrate the arrival of your little one into the world with Bump to Baby Photoshoot. Bump do Baby is two separate photoshoots. One before the birth and one after for your new family member.

How it works step by step?

Firstly, book your maternity photoshoot with A&M Mazur Photography in advance. Ideally, photos should be taken between 28-34 weeks of pregnancy. Before the session, it’s a good idea to talk to your photographer and let him/her know your ideas and expectations.

During the session, the photographer will focus on creating beautiful shots of your bump and the shape of your changing body during pregnancy. You should be photographed in special poses. What does this mean? It is important to have photos in these poses which we call “baby before and baby now”. These are photos where there is a baby in the place of a pregnant belly. During the Maternity session, the mum has her hands on her bump and during the Newborn session she holds the baby.

Another pose is when the mother lies down and proudly shows her belly in a beautiful dress and a few weeks later the baby is lying next to her. The mother no longer holds the bump, now cuddles the baby to herself. During the Maternity session, the mother-to-be looks with affection at her belly and when the baby comes into the world she will look at him/her.

Another type of photo is based on using the same accessories. When we photograph a mother who is expecting a daughter, we take photos with flowers. The same flowers are used a few weeks later in the Newborn session. The infant lies in a small bed, a bowl surrounded by flowers. For boy we can use leaves, small toys and more. We have many ideas for this type of photo shoot.

Similar colours are used during both sessions. This makes the two sessions compatible. Same dress, same background, and light but a different memory. Looking at the Maternity photos and then the Newborn ones you feel as if you are following a timeline.
We look at the images and see a beautiful story. Chronologically from the session of the mother-to-be, her with her partner and family to the session with the baby in her arms and the photos of the extended family.

Combined sessions make your life easier. You don’t have to look for another photographer, you already know him/her, their studio, and their location. Another plus is that you save money. Combined sessions are always cheaper. Check out prices for professional sessions with A&M Mazur Photography.

A&M Mazur Photography offers a Maternity and Newborn package. This is a Premium Package. Included in the price of the pregnancy session we will also take photos of you and your partner and family. When your baby is born we will also do a Mom & Me shoot and a family session for the price of the package.
This way, you don’t just get two sessions in one package, but several.
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