5 Most Popular Cake Smash Session Themes for Boys

May 29, 2022

If your baby boy approaching his first birthday, and you want to celebrate this precious moment, but you aren’t sure about how to do it in a perfect way? We will guide you about the five most popular cake smash session themes for boys. We are the best baby photographers in London; you can contact us here ammazur.com. A cake smash photoshoot can be the best way to celebrate your child’s first birthday. We will assist you in making the birthday of your baby special with never-ending memories.

Best Cake Smash Themes for Boys

Here are some best ideas and insights that will surely make the cake smash photoshoot of your baby unique and exciting.

PAW Patrol

One of the most popular cartoons. It is liked by children of all ages and every child wants to be a part of a team of puppies who can solve any problem. Necessary decorations are yellow, blue, and red balloons, which are the colours that appear in their logo. Traces of puppy’s feet print on the floor. Which child would not want to stand next to Marshall and Chase? Every single one! Check out the best Paw Patrol session in London


The CoComelon birthday theme is an interesting idea for a cake smash session for boys but also for girls. CoComelon has educational nursery rhymes and kids songs, which can be easily found on YouTube. The main character is JJ, a cute little baby who learns from the older ones. Smiling characters teach colours, shapes and good behaviour. Almost every child knows the smiling watermelon TV logo. The rainbow colours and smiling JJ are what should be part of the cake smash photoshoot.


Mickey Mouse

Kids always fall in love when they come across a Mickey Mouse theme, and it is very easy
for them to cherish this iconic character. It is always a great idea to go with a Mickey Mouse cake smash theme for your boy’s first birthday. The theme will surely look very cute as the boy is a Mickey Mouse fan. What more could a one-year-old boy want? 

Wild One

Give your boy a birthday that suits him. Decoration with wild animals from the Forest or an African safari. Wild One” parties can go in many directions, like a tribal theme with teepees, a hunting theme, a tropical or jungle theme, or a “Where The Wild Ones Are” book-inspired theme. If you call your boy a “Wild West”, this theme is perfect to go with. 


Space theme was one of the favourite cake smash themes in 2021. Astronauts, planets, and stars will make the cake smash photoshoot setting magical. This theme will surely make the first birthday photoshoot of your baby boy special. Celebrate with authentic cake smash photos that you can share with your family. Contact us now if you want to book a cake smash photoshoot for your baby. We will make your baby’s birthday memorable with our amazing theme setting.