What accessories to bring for maternity session?

October 18, 2022

Each of us has something that connects to the memories that are important to us. We have photos, gifts from loved ones, soft toys and more. Mums-to-be buy clothes, shoes, hats, and cuddly toys when they are expecting a baby.

We always ask parents before the session if there is anything they want to bring on the day of the photo shoot. We suggest what this might be and how we can use it for the maternity session and the newborn session. Check package Bump to Baby with A&M Mazur Photography to have 2 photoshoots with us.

Here are some of our suggestions that always work. You can find more inspiration on ammazur.com

The parents are eagerly awaiting the first scan. They dream of seeing the baby moving in the belly. What could be more touching than to hear the beating of a tiny heart, to see a little hand, a little head. This moment stays with us forever. At the moment of seeing the baby for the first time on the screen, tears flow, and a smile appears. We can’t wait to see the baby in real. Scanned images are a popular element used during maternity sessions. The mother can hold them close to the belly. The dad can also be in the picture, hugging the mum who is holding the picture. A&M Mazur Photography has 2 different packages, you can have just Maternity photoshoot or combined it with photoshoot with your love.

Tiny shoes

Mums-to-be are dreaming of their first shopping trip. Is there anything more adorable than a pair of tiny shoes? This item works well in photos because it is not too big, easy to hold, and does not change shape. I do not recommend holding clothes like dresses, shorts etc. in your hand. Maybe decide to have the baby’s name embroidered on the shoes. Personalized shoes will be even better.


During the session, a board can be used on which something will be written. We will agree with the parents about what they would like to have there. It is quick and easy to change the words so we can have several different photos with the board. The most commonly used phrases are: We can’t wait for you, …weeks to will meet you, ready to pop. Parents often want the baby’s name, the week of pregnancy, etc. to be written on the plate. It is worth looking for inspiration on the internet, you can find plenty and bring the idea to me.


A toy is also a great idea, i.e. the first gift from parents. The best one is a soft toy. It looks good in the photo and is also good to use during the newborn photoshoot. During the maternity session, you hold it close to the belly, you have it with your husband. During the newborn session your baby lies sweetly cuddled up to the soft toy in a small wooden bed.

There are many ideas. It is very important to talk to parents before the session about what they want and what kind of photos they like. We all have different tastes. A photo shoot is supposed to reflect who we are. Maybe you want a simple, natural session with no extras, or maybe you’re the kind of woman who likes a lot of things around you. Check out the different types of maternity sessions and get inspired with A&M Mazur Photography.