Best place for maternity photoshoots?

November 9, 2022

Every pregnancy session is different. The outcome of the session is to satisfy the woman. In order to do so, we must ensure that every element of the session is to her liking. There are many questions to ask before you book your maternity session. How long will the session last? What kind of outfits will I have? Where will the session take place? This last one is one of the most important.

You can read about the maternity outfits used during maternity sessions and why it’s a good idea to bring your partner to the studio in the blogs of A&M Mazur Photography.

If you are a pregnant woman and are not sure where you would like your photographer to take your pictures, we give you a brief description of where you can have this session and what the advantages and disadvantages are.


Most women choose a studio session. This is where all sorts of images can be created. Fine art sessions can be created, but also natural photoshoots. Check difference between both of them and find out what is best for you. Studio sessions offer more possibilities in terms of a variety of backdrops. The backgrounds can be changed during the session, from simple, plain paper backdrops to patterned microfibre cloth backdrops.
Large accessories such as a portrait chair, armchair, or ladder can be used in the studio. Unfortunately, many of these items cannot be transported and used outdoors.
When doing a session in the studio, you don’t have to worry about the weather or good light. No need to wait for the golden hour. All the lights are ready to go right away.
It’s easy to photograph more people in the studio. We can add lights to illuminate the whole family, which is more difficult when shooting outside.
Not every woman feels well during pregnancy. She may have health problems and should not move a lot and limit transport. In such a situation, a session outside or in a studio is not the best idea. It is then worth considering a session in your own home.



Some of the women are not comfortable when they have a session in the studio. They don’t want posed photos and long tulle dresses. They want natural poses, casual outfits and to be within the four walls of their home.
Taking photos at home has a big advantage because you don’t have to go anywhere. The photographer will come to you. You have to prepare your make-up, hairstyle, and outfits if you want to be photographed in them.
The photos are taken in your home, in the same place where your little one will soon be. In the same environment, you and your loved ones will be taking lots of photos with your phones or camera, and I remember there is also the option of the photographer coming back to you to do a professional newborn session.
The downside of an in-house session is unfortunately the price. You have to take into account that the photographer will raise the price of the package. You have to add the price of transport and the added time of the photographer.
The session at home takes longer. The photographer has to arrive early to prepare the home studio. When the session is over, you will also need time to tidy up. An extra hour or so is required.
You have to take into account that photographs depend on the workplace. One of the most important elements of the shoot is the light. Studio lights take up a lot of space, so the room you shoot in cannot be small. Natural light from a window will help. Unfortunately, the shoot is taking place in a very small room with a small window and a small workspace.
It may be necessary to do a little rearranging, such as moving an armchair or taking away a coffee table or decorations.


Pictures taken outside are a thing of beauty. They must be taken at specific times. The most beautiful shots will be taken in the morning or in the afternoon during the so-called golden hour. It is important to check the weather, even if it is not a sunny day the session can still take place, but not if it is raining. Unfortunately, this is out of our control. It is advisable to discuss this with the photographer so that a solution can be found.
Outdoor sessions are not easy when more people are to participate. Unfortunately, sessions with the family may not be feasible. Discuss this with your photographer before you decide.
The conditions for outdoor sessions are not as comfortable as at home or in the studio. You have to take into account that the changing of clothes will take place in the car.
Outdoor session locations are always magical. Forest, meadow, fields of lavender or sunflowers. The most beautiful places you can find in the area. You will have to get there, so you will spend some time in the car, but it will be worth it.

Wherever your session takes place, the result must be satisfactory. When choosing a photographer, ask about the types of shoot, tell them your expectations, and send screenshots of images found on the internet. A good photographer will be honest with you and tell you what to do and what not to do. An honest conversation is essential.